Burning Love.... giving us a nice warm glow inside!

15 February 2013


Now, you know there’s a Yankee candle for every occasion but this is the time of year when we’re really feeling the ‘burning love’! 


Nothing says romance more that candlelight and flowers - and we have both in practically every variety.  Our delightfully authentic floral scents are the closest you can get to the real thing, particularly at this time of year when it’s still a bit drab out there and spring hasn’t yet sprung!  And of course, you’ll both enjoy a nice warm glow inside when you set the romantic scene and light your favourite fragrance. 


But where do you start choosing the candle that best reflects your romantic mood?  What’s your type, if you have a type?  And how can you help ‘your hunk of burning love’ along in the romantic gift department because, let’s face it, the only thing better than buying your favourite Yankee Candle is receiving one as a gift... particularly when it comes with lots of love!


Follow our Valentines Special on Facebook for some ideas.


To drop a not so subtle hint, all you have to do is copy and paste your favourite Valentines Yankee Candle, along with the link, into your Facebook status and you’ll be pointing the one you love in the right direction when it comes to romantic gift buying. It’s the perfect way to rekindle old flames...or maybe to light a new one!


So we’ve chosen a few scents we think you’ll love, describing why they’re your perfect match, just to inspire you ...or your perfect partner!


True Rose

I’m a traditional romantic. I love romantic dinners and aromatic, deep red roses, alluring, rich and velvety, delivered with love. I am True Rose


Pink Lady Slipper

I’m young at heart. I love the gentle scents of spring, skipping among the roses, jasmine and violets, holding your hand as we dream our dreams. I am Pink Lady Slipper


White Gardenia 

I’m an exotic princess... I love the sun on my face and a fresh, warm breeze, cuddling as the sun goes down and catching evening’s last rays in our garden. I am White Gardenia  


Fresh Cut Roses  

I love to love. Delicate yet strong, I’m gently intoxicating and you can’t take your eyes off me. Take me home and love me forever! I am Fresh Cut Roses   


Paradise Spice

I like to spice things up! I like new things, to go new places, to discover hidden treasures! Creamy vanilla with delightfully surprising notes of prized cinnamon and cloves, I am far and away your desert island dream. I am Paradise Spice


Sweet Strawberry

I love to be sweet and kind. I love long hot summers, lazing on the lawn, long walks on the beach, fresh picnics with delicious strawberries, delicately sprinkled with sugar.  I am Sweet Strawberry


Valentine's Day Special 

This Valentines, we are offering you all a chance to get 25% off all of our True Rose collection of jar candles, tumblers, wax tarts and reed diffusers.

No need to thank us. We heart Yankee Candles too! 

If you like pinning, you can also check out our special Pinterest Valentines Pinboard to share your favourite Valentines scents with your friends and loved one.

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