Happy Christmas Everyone!

20 December 2013

Happy Christmas Yankee Candle

It’s nearly Christmas! Yay-arrggghhh! 

Whether you’re all ready or still have lots to do, check out our handy tips for making light work of those last minute tasks - and ensuring an even happier Christmas:

1. Burn ‘Happy Christmas’ from Yankee Candle – a delicious fusion of pine and festive fruits, Happy Christmas is a Yankee Candle year after year – check out Olivia’s video blog below to find out how Happy Christmas has become her main festive fragrance. 

2. Cut down on the cards – writing fewer cards will not only save you time, you’ll also save on recycling all that paper and postage. Lots of people are opting to send emails instead or use social media to send their greeting.  You’ll find lots of e-card websites you can use to design something suitably festive. Even sending cards to your nearest and dearest who aren;t online will cut down on time and money.

3. Dispense with the wrapping paper if you can – or opt for the cheaper versions. Ultimately it’s going in the bin anyway. If you can convince your friends and family to invest in sturdy gift bags, your presents will be suitably lovely and you can always swop bags back next year. Or you could go all Victorian retro – rolls of brown wrapping paper are very cheap and you can dress presents up with ribbon.

4. Shop alone – when you’re on a mission, you need to get in, get your gifts and get out of there! The shops are busy enough this time of year and unless you need someone to carry all those bags, you need to think of yourself as a stealth shopper and focus! Under no circumstances bring small children Christmas shopping. Save their outings for their own Christmas shopping or Santa visits and call in any babysitting favours you’re owed.

5. Budget, budget, budget! Set your limits and stick to them. Setting present price limits also has the advantage of avoiding accusations of favouritism. 

6. Give a gift you’ve made. This may not save you time, but it could mean quality time with the kids if you get them involved. And you’ll be giving things that money can’t buy.  It can be biscuits or jam or a lovely woolly jumper - plus, a great idea for grandparents or a favourite auntie or uncle is framed pictures of the kids. Check out Ikea’s great and very affordable range of frames, from classic to quirky.    

7. Vouchers can be WOW-cher! If you’re stuck for gift ideas, a gift card could be just thing. OK, so they won’t have a pressie to open, but they will get excited about what they’re going to spend it on. This is an especially great idea for hard-to-buy-for teens or the man who ahs everything.

8. Clean and clear – before the influx of brightly coloured plastic and assorted books and DVDs, clear their rooms and shelves of toys they don’t play with anymore. You’ll get a nice warm feeling inside from your newly clutter-less home and passing these on to the charity shop – it’s all in the spirit of Christmas!

9. Make it magic – it’s the little moments that make a big difference, so think how their faces will light up when you make Santa footprints on the hearth with some cut out shapes and a little talc. And oh, what’s that kids? Santa left his hat behind! Silly billy!

10. Share the love – unless you’re a control freak in the kitchen, cooking Christmas dinner is a mammoth task that few relish. So share the love – and the pressure – by dishing out tasks. If you’ve got guests coming over, ask one to bring a starter and another to bring dessert. People love to help and they may have a few favourite recipes they’d love to share.  

Happy Christmas Everyone from Yankee Candle

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