It's Beginning to Smell a Lot Like Christmas!

11 December 2013

Yankee Candles Pine Needle
With all its sparkle and glittering lights, festive fayre and magical music, Christmas is a feast for all the senses.

It’s also very easy on the nose – from warming up outdoors with cinnamon-scented mulled wine, clove infused orange pomander, gingerbread and pine needles, right through until Christmas Eve when the wonderful smell of roast turkey greets you at the door.

Here at HQ, you won’t be surprised to hear that scent plays an important role in or Christmas traditions. It’s the thing that brings together the decorations and creates a warming, cosy ambiance that completes our perfect Christmas scene.

So we thought we’d share some of our tips on creating the perfect festive blend of scents throughout the house – and making Christmas even more special.

Top tip No.1 is to use a different scent in each room. This is because after a while we become accustomed to a particular scent and new scent is needed to reawaken our senses.
Make it a warm welcome: Burn Apple and Pine Needle in the hallway to welcome your guests. This popular pine twisted with a crisp apple scent is the perfect transition from the outdoors to inside, helping your guests to warm up a little. (If you’re writing cards, Apple and Pine Needle will also create the perfectly scented festive backdrop).

Tantalise their Tastebuds: Christmas Eve wouldn’t be Christmas Eve without the smell of Turkey roasting – it’s also the perfect time to do this particular part of the Christmas feast, saving any stress on the big day. So pop that bird into the oven early evening and enjoy the aroma as your visitors arrive.

Bake Gingerbread: Apart from being a great festive activity to do with the kids and an opportunity to create some home-made gifts, making gingerbread fills your kitchen with the most wonderful aromas. Check out this easy-peasy gingerbread recipe right here

Make Orange Pomanders: A traditional Christmas favourite, these clove-infused oranges will remind you of Christmas past. And they’re so simple to make: simply dot an orange with cloves and leave somewhere warm – the fireplace is perfect. Orange pomanders also look lovely tied up with ribbon.   

Mulled Wine with Cinnamon: Christmas in a glass, the season wouldn’t be complete without at least a sip of this warming drink. Best served by the fire after a nice long walk in crisp snow, we’ve even found you the simplest, 2 step recipe that’s oh-so easy!

It’s so easy to make your home a riot of festivity this Christmas – even easier if you simply burn a selection of your favourites from the Yankee Candles Christmas range

Yankee Candle video blogger, Michael, was really surprised with Apple & Pine Needle as he didn’t think he’d like it. In fact, Michael says the popular pine, crisp apple, cypress and cedar wood all work perfectly together to create a truly festive fragrance.

Try Apple & Pine Needle with 25% off everything in this range at and let us know if you love it too!     

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