‘Tis the Season for...

12 December 2013

Season of Peace

‘Tis the Season for...

...to put up the tree, write lots of lists, shop ‘til you drop, spend lots of money, wrap it all up and cook for all the family and remortgage the house to pay for it all...
‘Tis the season for stress??

You’ll recognise this if you’re the one who does most of the preparations for Christmas – and we know you can’t wait for the minute you can flop down in your chair on Christmas day, put on the big movie, and promptly fall asleep! It’s traditional!

We share your pain here at Yankee.co.uk HQ as December is our busiest time of year: the time when all our lovely customers are stocking up on their favourite festive fragrances and they’re choosing which sumptuous scents their friends and family would love. And we’re working harder than ever to make sure we get all their orders in time for the big day. To say we’re busy is an understatement...

So, to take the pace down a notch and ramp up those feelings of tranquillity, we’re taken to burning ‘Season of Peace’.

It’s not your usual Christmas scent, but it does invoke images of cool Christmas mornings and bracing walks in the crisp air, all wrapped up in tones of musk and mint.

Even if you like your Christmas to be traditional, complete with cloves and cinnamon and pine needles, give Season of Peace a chance this Christmas... (see what did there?)

Michael, our Yankee Candles UK guest video blogger did - and he was pleasantly surprised. Michael’s the first to admit he’s a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas, but now he’s a convert and has even put Season of Peace at the top of his gift list for friends and family.

So, make this Christmas easy: make that list, shop online, get it all delivered, and make the most of the nicer tasks this Christmas with a few tips for a more peaceful prep:

Eat: Well! Foods known to have calming properties include blueberries, whole grains, almonds and – our favourite – chocolate!

Drink: lots! Of water that is... staying hydrated is crucial to calmness and wellbeing. You’ll also find warm milk and hot cocoa soothing, while it’s a good idea to swop coffee for tea which will help to lower stress hormones. Green tea is also a natural antioxidant.

Listen: to soothing sounds. We love the gentle sounds of classis rat packers like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra which are also subtly festive. If you’re really stressed try this Marconi Union’s Weightlessness, which is apparently the most calming tune in the whole world!

Sleep: soundly! If you’re having trouble sleeping even after doing all of the above, there are a few more things you can do to get a good night’s sleep. Yoga and meditation are really effective in helping you to wind down and you’ll find lots of free guides to practice across the web. Of course, aromatherapy is very effective – studies have shown that lavender can not only help you to nod off, but promotes better and deeper sleep.

We’d love to hear your stress busting techniques. How do you manage to create peace on earth??
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