Car & Home Fragrance

Car Air Fresheners Range.

Yankee Candle Car Fresheners travels everywhere you do. Keep your car smelling great with Yankee Candle Car Air Fresheners fragranced with authentic Yankee Candle scents. Try Yankee Candle fresheners in small spaces as well, like office cubicles, closets and more.

Car Jars Fresheners

Yankee Candle Car Jars can be hung in your car to keep it smelling fresh.   Car Jars can be purchased individually, priced from as little as and £1.69 or in our value packs of 3 jars for the price of 2 (£3.98 per pack of 3). Car Jar fresheners ranges include Afternoon Picnic and Christmas Cookie and many more.

Ultimate Car Jars

Ultimate Car Jars is a refreshing approach to combating annoying odours in cars and at home with a special blend of your favourite Yankee fragrance and powerful odour eliminating agents. Ultimate Care Jars can be used in cars, trucks and boats, pet areas, laundry rooms, closets and other small spaces where odours can be a problem. Priced individually at and £3.99 or in discounted multipacks of 3 for and £7.65, various scents are available to fragrance your car. 

Car Vent Sticks

Attach car vent sticks to your car air vents to neutralise odours and fill the air with authentic Yankee fragrance. Each vent stick provides continuous fragrance for up to two weeks.

Home Fragrance Range

Yankee Candle has a wide range of Home Fragrance options. Surround yourself with your favourite Yankee Candle fragrance, in different ways throughout your home.

Plug In & Refills 

Yankee Candle Plug Ins offer adjustable intensity for any size room. The Plug In by Yankee Candle includes heating unit, shade and scented oil. (Refills are sold separately).
Yankee Candle Electric Refills are a convenient way to make sure you always have a reserve on hand so you never run out. Plus, they make it easy to enjoy your favourite authentic Yankee Candle scent in multiple locations. These should be replaced after 4 to 6 weeks. Each refill contains two bottles of scented oil.

Reed Diffusers

These attractive reed diffusers continuously deliver the same long lasting Yankee Candle fragrance plus, the distinctive, hand decorated glass accents any decor with style.
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