Rejuvenating Lovely Kiku!

17 February 2014

Lovely Kiku
Michael, our official guest video blogger reviews one of the new Yankee Candle fragrances for Quarter 1. Lovely Kiku is a rejuvenating blend of chrysanthemum blossom and warm vanilla. The chrysanthemum flower has been cherished in Japan for a long time and is known as Kiki-no-hana or Kiku. Although, Lovely Kiku is classified as a floral scent, the subtle hint of vanilla takes it beyond a typical floral fragrance. Michael recommends putting this fragrance on your Yankee Candle shopping list!

This is the perfect scent for springtime, complete with floral blossoms and hints of vanilla. Springtime is about hope, birth, freshness, growth and blossoming. The days are already starting to get longer and the world feels alive again. Spring has most definitely sprung, and with it comes nice weather and a ton of great things to do outside.

Get out there and have some fun!

• Plant some Chrysantheums
• Make a vegetable garden
• Take a long walk with someone you love
• Go to the beach
• Ride your bicycle
• Go fishing
• Explore some wooden trails
• Take more walks in beautiful places
• Go running regularly
• Have a picnic at your local country park
• Invest in a hammock for outdoors
• Start an outdoor hobby

Embrace springtime’s joyous colour and uplifting scents with this beautiful new floral fragrance. Lovely Kiku is available to purchase online from This is a fabulous new scent for 2014 available in a range of candles, car scents and home fresheners. So brighten up spring with the beautiful blooms of Lovely Kiku!

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