Wax Tarts

Yankee Candle Wax Tarts

Great scent with no wick. Simply place one wax tart in a wax burner and light a Yankee Candle unscented tea light below. As the wax tart melts, it releases a fabulous aroma with up to 8 hours burn time.
Wax Tarts are perfect for Fragrance Mixology. Simply try warming two tart halves together to create your own signature blends. Wax Tart combinations include Clean Cotton & Fluffy Towels or Cinnamon Stick & Vanilla Cupcake! For a step by step guide to wax tart mixology and examples of fabulous fragrance blends visit Yankee Candle Fragrance Mixology
Wax Tarts by Yankee Candle can be purchased individually as single tarts or in packs of 10 from Yankee.co.uk. 
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